About the Chrysalis collection

A dress and soft lingerie story inspired by transformation and the feeling of being safe and cocooned; how a butterfly can be enclosed in a cocoon yet will soon be the essence of lightness and ease. The collection focuses on colour, texture and playing with layers.

Shapes and silhouettes are drawn from images taken from Charles James’ inspiration montage that hung on his wall at the Chelsea Hotel.

Colours are ice cream pastels, black and glacier whites. Soft shades combine with black to create a dramatic edge. Candy coloured confections create a new fresh essence of femininity – “prissy perfection”.

Star embroidered tulles in pink, mint and black with inflowing shapes over slips, chemise and knickers. Fishnet laces in white and black named after stars.

Sensous silks line the lace pieces, trimmed with art deco tulle edges. Chemise, slips & knickers are appliqued with Eiffel towers graphic lines; a story inspired by a trip the designer took to Paris with her daughter.

Leopard laces in chocolate and pink combined with star tulles blending the luxury fabrics together.

Each piece is designed to transport the wearer into a dreamy atmosphere – that place still in the cocoon, still ensconced in warmth, but about to float into the air full of levity and beauty.

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