Who We Are

A contemporary brand, respecting traditions and techniques so a little bit of history can be preserved. We as a community can aim to make the best decisions on how we treat the people and the planet.

Romantic, dreamy pieces that are made in the U.K. out of luxury sustainable fabrics silks, tulles, cottons and linens from the finest mills in Europe. Silhouettes are timeless and effortless pieces that can be built upon season after season. Each design is cautiously considered: the flow and generosity of the cut, the prissiness of the details is echoed in each piece, showing the brand's signature. Seasons are transcended.

Lisa is born out of the founders name Lisa- Johnson- Gozali it means “God’s Promise”. LISA is the creative expression of Welsh designer Lisa Johnson Gozali. A fashion graduate, Lisa has been designing and collaborating in the industry for more than 25 years at Westwood and Bella freud.

Lisa is a brand with purpose and integrity within a changing industry. Curating and creating a collection that supports the environment with honesty and respect.

Our Values

The Lisa philosophy is created in a thoughtful and timeless way, infused with a fun prissy perfection. A mindful approach is used to produce a refined wardrobe which uses luxury fabrics with signature details.

All fabrics are carefully sourced with a focus being organic and naturally made in keeping with a low impact philosophy. Carbon footprint is kept to a minimum with garments being made in the UK by home outworkers and a small high-end manufacturing unit.

Every piece is made with all this in mind.

Seasonless pieces so that every piece is durable and can be worn all year round, comfort is key. Our love of life energizes and empowers us to take away complexity and shake up confidence through effortless and eclectic design. A constant focus is always about quality over quantity.

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